Troubleshooting FAQ’s

When you have a problem with your device and/or sensor, run through this checklist prior to calling your Clinical Application Specialist or Diopsys Support Services in order to expedite assistance. If you don’t see what you need below, please contact us directly.

Device Issues:

  • Is the device plugged in and turned on? If not, plug in the device and turn the computer on.
  • Have you attempted to reboot the computer, and start the testing again? If not, please properly shut-down the computer using Windows -> Shut Down -> Restart. Resume testing upon reboot.
  • Are the lead wires connected to the filter amplifier properly? If no, connect the lead wires and continue testing.
  • Have the lead wires been replaced within the last 3 months? If no, replace the lead wires and continue testing.

Sensor Issues:

  • Are all three electrodes attached to the patient properly? If not, re-prepare your patient for the electrodes and place them properly according to the Operator’s Manual and/or the Patient Prepping and Placement poster.
  • Is the gray cable in contact with (touching) any power cords at any point? If yes, please separate completely, and continue testing.
  • For VEP testing, are the sponges on your disposable EEG electrodes dry? If yes, make sure you are applying Ten20® Conductive paste to all three electrode sites, making sure to line-up the sponge with the paste. Resume testing. If this does not help solve the issue, you may need to discard the entire bag of dry electrodes and place a new order. Remember to always seal the electrode bag to prevent damage in the future. NOTE: Do not use conductive paste with the ERG Lid Electrodes.

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