VEP Aids in Decision Not to Treat Glaucoma Suspect (PDF)
- Dr. Fran Bucciero

VEP Aids in Decision to Treat Early Primary Open Angle Glaucoma (PDF)
- Dr. Fran Bucciero

The Clinical Applications of VEP: Case 46
- Review of Optometry’s “Retina Revealed” – J. Sherman, OD, FAAO

The Ganglion Cell Complex: Case 43
- Review of Optometry’s “Retina Revealed” – J. Sherman, OD, FAAO


Reverse-Engineering of Hyperopic Anisometropic Refractive Amblyopia (PDF)
- COVD, Volume 43, No. 1, 2012 – L. Press, OD, FAAO, FCOVD; D. Press, OD, FCOVD.

Objective VEP Testing for Possible Malingerer Reveals Sight-Threatening Condition (PDF)
- David Biberdorf, OD, FCOVD

Missed and Misdiagnosed Retrobulbar Optic Neuritis (PDF)
- Paula Johnson, OD, FCOVD


Retinoblastoma Detected by Preschool Vision Screening Using Visual-Evoked Potentials (PDF)
- Journal of Pediatric Ophthalmology & Strabismus 2013;50:e41–e43. Estopinal, MD; Wolf, MD; Donahue, MD, PhD

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